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      Founded in 1994 in Shandong Xinqiao industry co., ltd since the enterprise has gone through nearly twenty-eight years, we in the storm, to explore the development in the challenge, from the initial small traders become steel trade company today set the wholesale, retail, a variety of specifications, a variety of materials, spot and futures in a body. We always pursue excellent quality, and the share of the company's market share the forefront of the industry. The enterprise was awarded the "integrity of Lange steel network suppliers", my steel net China steel trade enterprises 100 "national 100 gold supplier" and a series of honor, product sales network throughout the country 80% regions, quality and service to win social approval.
      The practice tells us that a good corporate image relies on excellent corporate culture. Along the way, Xinqiao culture is increasingly formed and perfected. It is the motive force of the growth of the enterprise. It has condensed our strength and enriched our idea. The enterprise has established the "integrity, responsibility, teamwork, core value and win-win" concept, we think: a social sense of responsibility, have a sincere collaboration team of the enterprise is to be development and achievements, is able to realize and employees, and enterprise and social win-win.
      We pay attention to the survival and development of the staff. Expect every employee happy, healthy growth in the letter Bridge; enterprises for each employee to give full play to their space occupation and a platform for growth; we encourage our employees to innovate, dare to challenge, because we firmly believe that: the magic only constant innovation and challenging is the enterprise sustainable development power and vitality. And provide people with daily entertainment activities, such as playing basketball, table tennis, badminton, and so on. Promote friendship and teamwork among colleagues.
    We pay attention to the health and needs of consumers. We are committed to the pursuit of excellence and ensure product quality is stable. Enterprises implement marketing strategy of sales promotion and service, and establish technology service management center to provide consumers with professional and perfect service. We will focus on tracking the needs of intermediate traders and terminal customers to meet consumers' increasing pursuit of national standard steel.
      We are concerned about the present and future of the cooperative customers. We support every customer's way of thinking, listen to each customer's opinion, the adoption of good customers, in order to more perfect product quality and self service; we will for each partner to bring greater development platform, to achieve the maximization of customer and enterprise interests, realize mutual benefit and win-win cooperation purpose.
      Looking forward to the future, development and competition are the same, opportunities and challenges coexist. We will, as always, adhere to the four major strategy of the enterprise, continue to pursue first-class quality and quality service, stand in a new starting point, write a new chapter of the letter Bridge.
      Let us work together to create brilliant stand together through storm and stress!

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